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Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.


Full names are available on request.


Private Sessions

"I have known Henri for over 2 years.  She has worked many times on me, as well as all of my family members, many friends, and even my pets.  I often recommend her to others when I hear that someone is in need.  (Trust Her!)

Henri is very gifted, talented and educated on many modalities that will help with healing whether it’s a physical or mental situation.  Henri’s website is great.  We read about her healing education and experiences which confirms that we will be cared for by a certified person.  

Most of Henri’s testimonials write about her awesome healing and teaching workshops.  That is wonderful, but after reading them, I would like to add the main, most important thing that I feel is missing from the testimonials and her website.  I think that it would be awkward for her to add it on her website herself.  It would need to be written by another person. So, here I am – in the testimonial section, wanting to be placed first.   My message is short, although this testimonial turned out to be quite long.

My short message is…

Henri is truly loving, compassionate and caring for her clients.  It doesn’t stop there.  Henri is also loving, compassionate and caring for others whether they are her clients or not, basically the whole human, animal and plant race - and other races that I can’t think of at this time.  Trust Her! 

You might feel that your private session did not work, but it really did some way, or somehow, or some place in your body or mind.  Some place was actually healed.  It may take more than one session to really feel the results, but the sessions are worth it.  Each session will always have helped you, whether it was physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  She may need to work on something else on you before you feel results from the problem you stated.  It is sort of like peeling an onion. The outer layer or the first block that you have needs to be attended to before she can get to the main or center block.

There were many times when I felt that I had some major healing going on just by talking and asking questions, even when there was no hands-on energy.  I trust and recommend Henri Furgiuele 100%!

Thank You for all that you do for my family, my friends, and me."

Laurie I. - a  Work From Home Mom (WFHM)

Pearl City, Hawaii



"I have known Henri for about 2 years. My experience with her healing work has been extremely positive. Her work is both subtle yet profound. Although her hands barely touch the surface of the skin - or don't touch at all, the positive effects are felt for weeks thereafter.

During the time that I have known Henri I have referred many of my own clients to her. Virtually without exception, all have reported wonderful results, and many continued seeking out her healing work.

Additionally, I have been present for several of her lectures. She exhibits that all too rare quality of both professionalism and knowledge, combined with compassion and deep empathy. I remember one presentation in particular. There was a young woman in the audience who was interested, but very skeptical - the kind of person who could easily overwhelm many presenters and take over the room. Henri not only was able to assuage the woman's doubts, but to convert her negativism into excitement. This was one of the most impressive displays of altering a very potent negative into a positive that I've been privileged to witness.

In short, I have found Henri's work and her presence to be transformative. I recommend her without reservation."

Daniel R., LMT - Honolulu



"Meeting Henri Furgiuele has been a wonderful gift for me and has changed my life. My experience with her has involved both healing sessions and a private workshop in which she taught me the theory and method of quantum touch healing.

I had a history of pain in my left foot: twenty years developing a painful neuroma then to have scar tissue pain following surgery. I also had chronic neck and shoulder pain. I was getting weekly massages to try to alleviate and manage the pain. In my first minutes with Henri's quantum touch on my shoulders I felt a skeletal shift and my neck and shoulder pain left and hasn't returned. My foot had knots of scar tissue you could easily feel by touch and made it painful to walk. It took three sessions after which there was no more scar tissue. I am totally amazed this simple touch cured my foot. I had been so long with this condition and having exhausted the more practical medical approach with no results, I thought I was going to have problems for the rest of my life.

As a person who has witnessed the healing powers of quantum touch I am a firm believer in its ability to heal. Henri's workshop taught me the method and I have been applying its technique to myself, my animals and others with positive results. I highly recommend any interaction with Henri Furgiuele whether in a healing session or quantum touch workshop. I think your lives might be changed also."

Catherine C. - Interior Designer, Honolulu



"For several years I have benefited greatly from monthly energy balancing treatments rendered by Henri Furgiuele using the Quantum Touch approach.

These regular treatments have greatly enhanced my overall feeling of wholeness with free flowing bodily energy; ensured my physical health; stabilized my mental balance; and strengthened my awareness of our inherent human connection to our universal vibrational energy.

I highly recommend regular treatments by Henri, since she continues to develop enhanced applications using Quantum Touch and other natural approaches to strengthen our mental, physical and spiritual balance to accord/interconnect with our universal vibrational energy.

My eternal gratitude to you, Henri, for the good you are doing for everyone!!

Aloha, and God bless you always"

George C. - Retired, Mililani


Quantum-Touch® Workshops

"Ms. Furgiuele taught us very clearly about Quantum-Touch when we first invited her to teach in Japan in the summer of 2002. She also kept a full schedule of private sessions during her stay here. Voice, Inc. and Synchronicity, Japan have been promoting many other speakers' workshops, but she was the first speaker who was able to attract people without much advertisement. As soon as we inform our clients of the date of her workshops, it will be fully booked all the time. This is not just because of the technique of Quantum-Touch, but because her kind personality keeps people's interest in this workshop. One great thing about her is that she can facilitate the healing of people's body and soul. She always makes much of a client's mental state, and this makes her a very special healer. We sometimes see miraculous happenings in her private sessions. For example, one client came in leaning heavily on her cane, and after the session was able to walk without it.

Recently, she designed a new healing technique called "Energy ALIVE" and this workshop is also very popular in Japan.

I am pleased to recommend her and I hope for her continued success in the future."

Masumi Hori
Synchronicity Japan, Inc.



"Quantum-Touch is a highly effective, easily absorbed gift that helps us access the forces and light that we need so much in our daily lives. Practice/healing sessions were extremely helpful, as were the explanations. Thank you for introducing me to this highly efficient modality, and for your guidance and patience."
Jane M. - High School Teacher, Florida

"Wow! Absolutely marvelous. What a wonderful tool! I have a way to work on myself and others, to heal my wounds. I am so grateful. I like how at ease Henri was in class. All participants and teacher's energy blended wonderfully."
Leah A., Tennessee

"I enjoy the simplicity of the modality. It is a very enriching experience. All areas of the workshop were beneficial. I cannot foresee any changes that are needed. The sessions were very healing. Henri was an excellent presenter."
Tim C. - Massage Therapist, Florida

"Henri is a gifted teacher. I would recommend her highly."
Jean D. - Retired Teacher, New Hampshire

"I love Quantum Touch and want to be a practitioner! I felt great energy, especially the second day. Tremendous energy. The breathing is powerful. I am grateful I fell upon this Quantum Touch and Henri whose teaching has inspired me. "
Celeste C. - Social Worker, Rhode Island

"This is a broad, mind-opening course with potential applications to many areas of general medical practice. It helps one to gain perspective on the potential of human energy healing. I recommend the course to all interested in healing. Ms. Furgiuele seemed quite capable and flexible in her approach."
Art G. - Medical Doctor, Massachusetts

"Marvelous! I did not expect to make any breakthroughs, and I was amazingly surprised. The method is easily learned. I felt it was well organized, alternating learning with practice sessions. Each session brought something new to me. I feel there has been a significant release within me and I now feel that I will be able to confidently practice Quantum Touch to heal myself and help others."
Susan H. - Nurse, Florida

"In all honesty, it was the best workshop I have ever been to. You are casual and kind, and very informative. You touched on all learning styles with full respect and knowledge on how to respond to each of us, to our satisfaction. Not an easy task!"
Patricia P. - Teacher, Rhode Island

"Fantastic workshop! Didn't want it to end. Reactions [to the healing sessions] were excellent. Henri is a loving, excellent instructor, and all participants were great!"
Rose L. - Minister, Counselor, Author; Florida



Energy ALIVE® Workshops

Please see for more testimonials on Energy ALIVE workshops & sessions.

"I have owned the American Institute of Massage Therapy for 18 years in Hawaii. We have graduated many students and hosted many workshops. We are always grateful to have Henri teach her workshops at AIMT. They are of the highest quality. Our students find they can learn easily because they are comfortable, safe and are having fun. Her workshops are educational and entertaining. They are full of interactive possibilities, movement, dance, martial arts, and self-expression. She knows how to shift energy and bring everyone into the moment. It is all a remarkable learning experience!!"
Elizabeth Reveley, Director, AIMT (Hawaii)

"I attended with my mother. I am 12 years old, and have been interested in this kind of class for a long time. I was able to meditate very deeply. I fell asleep and while sleeping felt the power of the universe in a strong way. I was so happy to be with you, and want to attend more of your workshops."
M.A. - Japan

"I have been using the computer every day on my job, and for a long time have felt that it took my energy. That is why I attended the class. After the workshop, I care about myself more, about each part of my body. I learned how to protect myself from the computer's energy. It was what I most wanted to know, and I thank you. From now on, I want to connect more with the earth and notice my chakras. I will use this in my life."
N.K. - Japan

"The class was easy to follow and very interesting. For many years I have tried to meditate. I tried zazen, but couldn't concentrate. After this class, I can do it. For the first time, I could concentrate during meditation. I also realized I am not very grounded. After practicing these techniques, I feel different. I do not blush so much any more. I learned a lot."
H.S. - Japan

"It was a wonderful workshop. I want to make use of the experience and love myself more. The teacher was wonderful. I felt something inside of me which was sleeping wake up and I'm happy. Different parts of my body are warm (and they weren't before)."
Y.I. - Japan

"I am very sensitive to energy by nature. Therefore, I was anxious about touching people. This was the first time that I didn't feel resistance by receiving other people's energy."
Y.Y. - Japan

I have had a shoulder pain for ten years, and nothing my doctor did helped much. After this class, 90% of the pain went away! Just by doing one of your exercises, this hurt is so much lighter. I did not expect this change, but am grateful and happy to see result."
E.A. - Tokyo

"Thank you so much for this class. Tonight, I had to drive home in pouring rain for over an hour. It was dark and in places the road was completely washed out. Frankly, I was scared. Then I remembered what you taught us today about releasing fear, and I started doing what you said, as I was driving. It totally changed my ability to cope. I arrived home safely, feeling tired but quite calm. This stuff works!"
K.A. - Florida

"I joined this workshop to improve my energy awareness skills, and I did. In this workshop, I learned how to use energy more efficiently, and it was a lot of fun. Henri-san is such a good teacher."
T.F. - Tokyo


Healing Heart Retreats®

"Thank you very much for your consideration in many ways. I received a lot of insights and felt becoming one with the land, sky and ocean. I'm not good at grounding myself in life, but when I was walking on the sacred sites, I felt the mana (energy) rising through my feet from the land and experienced my body turning itself. It was a wonderful surprise!"
Hiroko I. - Japan

"It was such a rich week, learning Quantum-Touch, communicating with local people, studying Hawaiian culture and history, etc. Thank you very much, Henri-san, Yumi-san (the interpreter) and Pua-san. I'd like to join the retreat next year again, if possible!"
Miho O. - Japan

"It was a really precious time to experience the tradition and the culture of Hawaii. It moved me profoundly to dance with a Ti LEAF skirt that I had made by myself. I won't forget this great memory for the rest of my life."
Yoshiko S. - Japan

"This retreat was full of experiences which we couldn't have normally. I wondered if the price was good enough. It's nice for participants to join the tour like this in a low price, but I think we have to give it back what we receive properly. If you need to change the price policy, let us know."
Keiko I. - Japan

"I want to say thank you for all the stuff in this retreat. They make me very happy. They make me change my HAWAII image. Especially Henri sensei and Pua san, Thank you very much ! Both of you make me very happy and give me hope in my life. I will introduce outside people for your healing retreat or Quantum- Touch healing. And I wish both of you keep offering healing retreats in HAWAII forever. Thank you from my heart."
Michie H. - Japan




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